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Projects > Charming Seaside Cottage

This project was so much fun to work on. The owner is a media executive who uses this as a weekend home. The aim was to make it fun and comfortable with easy entertaining as a criteria in the planning.

The house is one of the original Jones Beach homes that was moved in the 1930’s from the area that is now Robert Moses Park (see the photo below that shows the house being moved by barge). The owner thinks it was built in the 1910’s. We renovated almost everything in the house as well as added a third floor loft space that serves as a den/bar area. The kitchen had been renovated a few years prior, but we made some modifications to it and added the matching cabinetry in the pantry to make it more functional.

The house has such a happy feel and is the perfect place to enjoy the summer with family and friends. I was so happy with how this project turned out, that I hated to leave it when we finished!

Photos by Susan Auriemma